About Ken

Ken was born in October of 1973. After living in New York for two months, he moved to Virginia with his family and has lived there ever since.

Like most children of the 70’s, Star Wars changed his life forever. When his father introduced him to Dungeons and Dragons, naturally he made a magic-user named Luke. Fully embracing the mantle of geek, he spent his childhood exploring alternate worlds. From Heinlein to Dragonlance to the Iliad, he carried a book with him wherever he went.

Ken continued role-playing during his college years at James Madison University until he discovered “cardboard crack” (a.k.a. Magic the Gathering). He tried his hand at co-authoring a science fiction novel with his father under the name Ken Meyri2. They never finished the novel, and actual science soon caught up and passed the supposed “advanced science” in their fiction.

After graduating with a bachelor’s degree in business in 1995, Ken spent a few years working retail in Northern Virginia before moving to Charlottesville and entering the exciting world of digital rights management and web design/development. It was during this period that he left Earth and entered Azeroth for a few years. To this day, he is not sure where all his time went, but those gurgling murlocks still haunt his dreams.

Inspired by a friend’s success publishing a board game on Kickstarter, he departed the world of Azeroth and decided it was time to try his hand at writing once more, but this time he ventured into an ancient time where science had no chance of catching up.

He currently resides in Richmond, Virginia with his wife, two cats, and too many books to read in one lifetime.

Talisman of the Last God

Heroes. Gods. Betrayal.

Xeon is one of only three heroes to survive the Valerian Trials, and the last still alive. In a land where the pantheon’s champions wield talismans imbued with the power of the gods, Xeon passed the Trials using only his wits, might, and the assistance of his closest friend, Alexander.

But that was over two decades ago.

When a barbarian king wielding elemental forces begins conquering neighboring city-states, Xeon must decide how far he is willing to go to save his nation—and his place in it.