Conan Scenarios – Belit, Queen of the Black Coast

September 4, 2019 Conan  No comments

Dan Mauric and I teamed up to create bring you this booklet packed with loot freshly plundered from fat Argossean merchant ships lolling about the Barachan Islands like overfed seacows.

Belit, Queen of the Black Coast follows Belit’s rise from a dockside tavern thief, to a fearsome raider and ultimately a pirate queen. The fourth scenario uses only retail, core box components. The final scenario, exclusive to this booklet, takes place years after Belit’s tragic end. She now haunts the dreams of her former lover, Conan, now King of Aquilonia.

Dan wrote all the scenarios but Reclaiming N’Kudalla, which I wrote. If you are looking for more Conan scenarios to play, or just love Belit, download it for free over at the


Here are some screenshots:


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