Tales of the North Special Edition Trailer

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Tales of the North Special Edition

“The North?” rumbled the Red-Haired Woman, seated across from a soft faced lad. She slowly lowered the mug of ale at her lips until it thunked on the table. When she continued menace edged her voice. “Aye, I am of the North. What’s it to you?”

Many months ago the Nemedian Chroniclers recruited a group of hardy scribes from all across the land. These scribes were tasked to travel into far reaches of Nordheim in search of wondrous tales and treasures. Instead, the few who returned, frost bitten and mad, in their moments of fevered consciousness raved of more harrowing encounters. Tales of ice and blood. Haunted groves and ravenous beasts. Fierce women and desperate men. Tales of frost blasted forests. Circling crows and sharp swords. Sorcerous beauties and murderous savages. Tales of the North…

Tales of the North Special Edition is a collection of fan-made scenarios for both Adventure Mode and Solo/Co-op. Six authors deliver 17 scenarios focused primarily on the Nordheim expansion for both Adventure mode and Solo/Co-op mode. See the table of contents for full requirements.

To download the campaign book, visit the Overlord website here.


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