Vampire Darkness Playtest – Quest 1

March 11, 2019 Massive Darkness  No comments

The reviews of this first playtest are a little mixed. The quest was fun, no doubt about it, but there are a lot of rules questions or ambiguities came up with the new rules as written. Nothing that should be too hard to fix, so overall I am pleased. Probably the biggest concern is that it took me over 8 hours to play. Of course, I was pausing to take notes and consider “quality of game” issues rather than strategy, but even so, this will be a long quest. I tried varying the tile layout to reduce the number of tiles, but wasn’t really happy with any of the alternatives.

So here is the quest:

Our brave heroes enter the dungeon.

Our tank, a Bonecrusher, is quickly surrounded.

Our first clue into discovering the new evil lurking in Uruk.

A vampire ambush!

Wave after wave of roaming monsters.

Nothing a little Bonecrusher can’t handle.

Wait! Where did HE come from? The party got aggressive and a little reckless, and paid the price. Both Lifebringer tokens lost in one round.

The home stretch!

One last push and we were able to defeat King Tusk.

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