Whispers from Stygia Special Edition Trailer

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Whispers from Stygia Special Edition

“Know, O Prince, that in the time when Conan the Cimmerian sat upon the Throne of Aquilonia there arose whispers from Stygia. Whispers of a scheming sorcerer whose black heart was set upon vengeance…”

Whispers from Stygia is a campaign designed by the Conan Overlord Community at the-overlord.net. It requires the Core game, as well as the following expansions: Stygia, Khitai, Nordheim, Yogah of Yag, Crossbowmen, and the Kushite Witch Hunters. For Adventure Mode, the outcome of each scenario will determine how well equipped the heroes and overlord are when they meet in the final scenario, which will determine the winner. For Solo/coop Mode, the outcome of each scenario will determine how well equipped the heroes are when they encounter Thoth Amon in the epic conclusion.

The Whispers from Stygia campaign from 2018 was my first fan-made project and where I met Matt, Dan, Kevin, and Neil. The original version was a little rough around the edges, because we were all writing our own scenarios with just a general idea of how they would tie in together. It was a great learning experience on how to work with people through vast geographical distances and the importance of communication and organization. These lessons helped when I began working on the Tome of Skelos for the recent Conan the Conqueror expansion.

In any case, I now have a better understanding of scenario design/campaign unity and player feedback (as well as access to better source files) I thought it might try to tighten up some loose ends both graphically and in game-play. Since Dan had written a scenario that didn’t make it into the final version, it made sense to include it as well. However, what excited me the most was the idea of adding solo/coop versions for the campaign. I must admit I am co-op gamer at heart, and I really love the challenge of pushing the boundaries of new ideas. Most of my time was spent converting the entire campaign to solo/coop. It was a lot of effort, but overall I believe it was worth it.

To download the campaign book, visit the Overlord website here.


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