Zombicide Quest – Great King Rat

March 23, 2019 Zombicide  No comments

In this quest, the heroes must EARN their victory, because the magic weapons are all locked away in the armory, and you can’t use them until you find the keys. Unfortunately, the Great King Rat is immune to normal weapons (even Dragon Fire!), so you need those magic weapons to kill him. Worse, individual magic weapons aren’t strong enough to do the job: you need to damage him with 6 different magic weapons in a single turn to kill him.

Hint: Mobility helps with this quest. Be sure to take a jumper!

In case you are wondering, magic weapons are the ones with some gems missing from the top (blue and usually yellow). This means vault weapons are NOT NECESSARILY magic weapons.

Also, be prepared to spend some time on this quest. It can easily take 8+ hours.

If you play the scenario, let me know what you think!


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