Zombicide Quest – Trick or Treat

October 28, 2019 Zombicide  No comments

Zombicide Quest – Trick or Treat

Trick or Treat is an epic quest for 12 players split into two teams that work independently on different maps. The quest uses components from all sorts of games (tiles from Massive Darkness, minis from Conan), as well as Zombicide Black Plague, Green Horde, No Rest for the Wicked, Friends & Foes, etc.

The concept is to protect townsfolk whose town is overrun while the children are in the streets trick or treating. Of course, our heroes have to protect them. Meanwhile, in the sewers beneath the city, the rat king and his minions, along with the abominarat, are trying to claw their way to the surface.


Download Quest 13 – Trick or Treat



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